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30000kVA & 20000kVA Two Power Transformers Successfully Landed in Chile

By endeavour in the past several months, our transformer products have crossed the Pacific Ocean and now stand in Chile, Southern America. This is the first business cooperation between Cobra Group and us. Cobra Group is one of the largest contractors for Chilean electric infrastructure, and they ordered two power transformers(capacity: 30000kVA & 20000kVA) from us in March of this year.

As a leading transformer supplier in China, we always make customer satisfaction our first priority. To guarantee our quality of transformer products and lead time, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have to face many unexpected difficulties happening in the whole processing, such as material purchasing and product delivery. The copper price is higher than ever, and the shortage happened occasionally. Our purchasing department made an advanced plan and actively communicated with material supplies, like they did all the time, to fulfill the demand of this project. The biggest problem caused by the pandemic is product delivery. International sea delivery cost keeps soaring, and it's hard to reserve an appropriate container for the gigantic power transformers. The import and Export department tried many different ways to ensure the transformer products can be shipped on schedule.

These two transformer products, produced in China and served in Chile, represent China as the strongest country in terms of manufacturing. In the meantime, they will be building a bridge that links us and the international power transformer business market.  

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