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Rectiformer Physical Characteristics

The characteristic of the rectifier technology equipment is: Input information at the primary side, and output DC at the collateral side after passing through the rectiformer component.

Converting is a general term for three working modes: rectification, countercurrent and variation. Rectification is widely used. The transformer used for the power supply of the rectifier system can be called rectiformer.

Industrial rectification DC power supply is mostly obtained from AC power grid through rectiformer and rectification equipment, which can be widely used in lighting, electromechanical, mechanical enterprise electronic technology equipment, medical equipment, rectification installation, etc. The product performance can meet various special requirements of users.

Where is Rectiformer Used?

I. Rectiformer is used in the electrochemical industry

The rectifying transformer is used in industries that make aluminum, magnesium, copper and other metals by electrolyzing non-ferrous metal compounds. The electrolysis of salt is used to make chlor-alkali; the electrolysis of water is used to make hydrogen and oxygen.

II. Rectiformer is used for tracting DC power supplies

It is used for developing DC system network of electric locomotive in mines or cities. The connection of overhead circuit at the valve side leads to many short circuit errors. The large DC load variation radiation level and frequent electric locomotive starts cause different levels of short-term overload.

As a result, the temperature rise limit and current density of these transformers are reduced, and the impedance is about 30% greater than that of the corresponding power system transformers.

III. Rectiformer is used to drive DC power supplies

Rectiformer is one of the basic types of transformer in rectifier equipment. It is mainly used to supply power to DC motor of electric drive such as armature and magnet of rolling mill.

VI. Rectiformer is used for direct current transmission

The voltage that passes through the rectifier control transformer generally stops above 110 kV, and the capacity reaches tens of millions of volts. Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of grounding insulation penetration and DC superposition analysis.

Rectiformers are also used in DC power supply for plating or electrical processing, stimulation, charging and static elimination, etc.

In the chemical industry where the application of rectification changes greatly, the high power stop value is also similar to the electric furnace in many ways due to the secondary low current and large current. In other words, the products of china transformer manufacturer has the same structural characteristics as mentioned above.

The dominant characteristic of the rectiformer is that the secondary current is not sinusoidal alternating current. Since the enterprise stops the one-way information transmission function of the rectiformer element, the phase lines are not required to load working current at the same time.

In soft current signal conduction, unidirectional pulsating current can be transformed into a DC through the profiling filter. The secondary application voltage technology of rectiformer is not only related to capacitor connection group.

The secondary voltage and current of the rectiformers in the three-phase bridge rectifier line and the rectifier line with double half equalization reactor are also different, even the DC input and output voltage and current are the same. Therefore, the calculation of the parameters of the rectiformer is based on the rectifying circuit.

The commutating winding current contains non-sinusoidal multi-harmonics, so it reduces harmonic pollution to the power grid. The phase shift method can increase the pulse wave number of the commutator to improve the power factor.

The purpose of phase shift is to produce phase shift between the homonymous terminal voltages of the rectiformer's secondary winding.

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