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[GB/T 1094.1-2013] Power transformers -- Part 1: General.

[GB/T 1094.2-2013] Power transformers -- Part 2: Temperature rise for liquid-immersed transformers.

[GB∕T 1094.3-2017] Power transformers -- Part 3: Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air.

[GB/T 1094.5-2008] Power transformers -- Part 5: Ability to withstand short circuit.

[GB∕T 7595-2017] Quality of transformer oils in service.

[GB/T 6451-2015] Specification and technical requirements for oil-immersd power transformers.

[GB 20052-2020] Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and the energy efficiency grades for power transformers.

[JB/T10088-2004] Sound level for 6kV~500kV power transformers.

[GB/T 10228-2015] Specification and technical requirements for dry-type power transformers.