110KV Power Transformer

110KV oil immersed power transformers strictly designed and produced with the IEC standard and most advanced technology have great reputation and the best sell performance all over the world.

110kv Power Transformer Description

This oil immersed type transformer consists of core, coil, voltage regulator, oil tank, oil conservator, insulating oil and other protection and control components. The transformer is used for voltage stepping up or down and AC power transmission. The 110KV power transformer is also very important equipment for the electrical grid, power generator system, industrial and mining factory, etc. Besides, 110kv power transformer is essential equipment in the long-distance transmission of electric power, so transformer workplaces generally are some rural areas and even wastelands. These working conditions require transformers to be highly reliable. It just meets one of the most outstanding characteristics of our 110 KV transformer, in the meantime, with low loss and high efficiency, our 110kv oil immersed power transformer severs electrical transmission smoothly. And we also provides 220kv power transformer at a competive price.

110KV Power Transformer Characteristics 

Good Mechanical Strength

Through software simulation, the weakness of structural parts is eliminated for improving the mechanical strength of structural parts. Manufacture by high strength steel plate. Using laser cutting equipment for processing, the deformation and stress is small.

High Earthquake Resistance

The dynamic design method of this oil immersed type transformer is adopted for the bushing. The horizontal acceleration is set as 0.5g, the waveform is set as the resonant sinusoidal third harmonic, and the loading position is the lower end of the casing flange seat. The main body of our 110KV power transformer adopts the static design method, and the static horizontal acceleration is 0.5g.

Low Temperature Rise

The reasonable structure of oil flow distribution is adopted to reduce the winding hot spot temperature rise and average temperature rise. The winding of large capacity transformer is provided with axial oil passage. 3) Control the transverse eddy current loss of the winding.

High Resistance to Short Circuit

Short circuit mechanical force is calculated by the dynamic analysis method. The self-viscous transposition conductor is used in low voltage, which effectively increases the short-circuit resistance. The power transformer china machine body adopts constant pressure drying integrated type, and the integrated assembly adopts hot suit.

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