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20KV Distribution Transformer

Primary Voltage Ratings: 20

Secondary Voltage Ratings: 0.4

H.V. TAP RANGE: ±2×2.5%


20KV Class Three Phase Oil immersed Distribution Transformer capacity from 100kVA to 3000kVA.

Advantage of 20KV Distribution Transformer

In contrast to the 10kV class, the 20kV three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced power supply capacity.

  • Assurance of voltage quality.

  • Reduction in electric energy losses within the power system, among other advantages.

  • This transformer can lead to cost savings in power system construction and is a progressive product in the realm of energy conservation within power systems.

20kV Three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer Specification

RatingNo Load LossOn load LossConnectionOil Weight(kg)Tatal Weight(kg)

Low-voltage windings typically employ a cylindrical structure constructed from copper foil, except for low-capacity applications where copper wires are used. High-voltage windings feature a multi-layered cylindrical design to ensure even distribution of ampere-turns, minimal magnetic leakage, and high mechanical strength, enhancing their resistance to short circuits.

Both the iron core and windings undergo individual tightening procedures. Self-locking lock nuts are employed at tightening points, including the device's height and low-voltage leads. The design incorporates a suspended core structure capable of withstanding transportation-related shocks.

The coil and iron core are subjected to vacuum drying, and transformer oil undergoes a vacuum filtering and injection process to minimize moisture content within the transformer.

The oil tank features corrugated sheets that serve a "breathing" function, compensating for oil volume changes due to temperature fluctuations. By replacing the oil conservator with corrugated sheets, the transformer oil is effectively isolated from external elements, preventing the ingress of oxygen and moisture, which can degrade insulation performance.

These five performance features collectively ensure that the transformer remains maintenance-free during normal operation, significantly reducing maintenance costs and extending the transformer's service life.

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