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Combined Pad Mounted Substation

The ZBG series America Housing Type Transformer are researched and developed by our company. Differencing from the traditional housing type transformer station, the high voltage load switch, fuse and other protection elements are installed in the pad mounted transformer and using compact transformer substation oil as the insulation and cooling medium, all those are compact in its structure.

The features of pad mounted transformer are compact structure, safe and reliable operation, safe convenient maintenance, attractive appearance, high mobility and small size. It can be used as loop network power distribution system or double-power radiating terminal in the power distribution system.

Benefits of Combined Pad Mounted Substation

Small Volume

Compact structure, small volume, convenient installation, flexible, can be used for both the ring network, and can be used for the terminal, conversion is very convenient, improve the reliability of power supply.

High Safety Performance

All insulation, fully sealed structure, safe and reliable, maintenance free, reliable protection of personal safety, high side adopts double fuse protection, inserted fuse fuse for unika fuse (temperature, current), backup fuse current-limiting fuse, reduce the operation cost, high voltage into the line structure of cable connectors, fully insulated, safe and reliable, easy to operate.

Good craft

The special process of vacuum drying and vacuum oil filling is adopted. Our company extends the process used in 110kV products to 10kV products to provide strong guarantee for improving pad mounted substation's quality.

Good Performance

The power transformer in china is three-phase three-phase three-phase five-column structure, the iron core adopts ladder joint process or rolled iron core process, low noise, low loss, short circuit and overload resistance.

Good Environmental Adaptability

The box body can be designed according to the requirements of the operating environment with anti-corrosion design and special painting treatment, with the "three prevention" function, that is, anti-condensation, anti-salt fog, anti-mold function, and can meet the requirements of high temperature, high humidity environment anti-corrosion.

Applications of Combined Pad Mounted Substation

  • ZBG series America housing type transformer can be used as radiating terminal power distribution system as the power transformer used in substation with the voltage of 10/0.4KV and the frequency of 50Hz, the rated capacity of the transformers shall be 50KVA to 1600 KVA, which have been extensively used in the power distribution units of residence communities, public locations, factories and mines etc.

  • Combined pad mounted substation can be used as loop network power distribution system or double-power radiating terminal in power distribution system.

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