Distribution Transformer

SEC distribution transformer china manufacturer and distribution transformer factory provides distribution transformer which is independently designed according to characteristics of the grid in urban and rural of China. The performance of distribution transformer China indices are superior over GB/T6451 Specification“Three-phase oil-immersed power transformers technical parameters and requirements". As one of the leading oil immersed distribution transformer suppliers and power distribution transformer manufacturers, our distribution transformers are featuring in low distribution transformer cost, low loss, low noise, free of active part lifting. This power distribution transformer for sale is innovative in terms of safety, reliability, and economy. We also provide other types of china oil type transformer for sale. Welcome to contact us!

Distribution Transformer for Sale

Features of Distribution Transformer for Sale

1. Energy conservation

Low losses.

2. Core

The multistage step lapped core shall be cut with a 45°joint seam, and pore-free binding construction, which reduces the noise as well as power consumption.

3. Winding

All windings are wound on an insulating cylinder of high strength. A special wire tensioner is adopted as well as the climbing pads under the wire transposition improve mechanical strength and short circuit resisting capability considerably.

4. Insulation

Assembling and winding of power and distribution transformer are both finished in fully enclosed cleaning shop. This procedure meets the requirements on cleanness and constant temperature of core and winding assembly for the manufacturing of 500kV products, further ensuring the cleanness and dryness of the core and winding assembly. Kerosene gas-state drying device is used as well for optimizing cleaning of electrical distribution transformer.

5. Tank

Oil tank is in bell-shaped construction. The sealing parts of the oil tank is subject to special treatment the tank body has experienced shot-peened that thoroughly eliminates oxide skin on the surface and sharp angles, burrs, and weld slag created by processing.

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