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SEC distribution transformer china manufacturer and distribution transformer factory provides distribution transformer which is independently designed according to characteristics of the grid in urban and rural of China. The performance of distribution transformer China indices are superior over IEC:60076 Specification“Three-phase oil-immersed power transformers technical parameters and requirements". As one of the leading oil immersed distribution transformer suppliers and power distribution transformer manufacturers, our distribution transformers are featuring in low distribution transformer cost, low loss, low noise, free of active part lifting. This power distribution transformer for sale is innovative in terms of safety, reliability, and economy. We also provide other types of china oil type transformer for sale. Welcome to contact SEC, one of the leading oil immersed distribution transformer suppliers!

Distribution Transformer for Sale

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Structure of Distribution Transformer

The construction of a distribution transformer begins with a core made of laminated steel sheets, which serves to minimize energy loss by reducing iron loss and maintaining magnetic properties. This core is designed to provide a path for the magnetic flux generated by the transformer.Surrounding the core is a winding of coiled copper wire. The winding creates an electromagnetic field that induces the voltage reduction required for distribution purposes. The copper wire used in the winding is carefully chosen for its excellent electrical conductivity.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of their transformers, distribution transformer suppliers must adhere to strict standards and regulations. These regulations govern various aspects, including design, materials, and manufacturing processes. Compliance with these standards is crucial to guarantee the reliability and performance of the transformers.In addition to following regulations, suppliers perform extensive testing and quality control procedures to further ensure the reliability of their products. These tests may include measurements of electrical performance, temperature rise, insulation resistance, and various other parameters. By conducting rigorous testing, power distribution transformer manufacturers can identify any potential issues and ensure that the transformers meet or exceed the required specifications.

When searching for distribution transformers for sale, it is important to choose a reputable supplier who offers a diverse range of products to suit different needs. The supplier should have a proven track record of delivering high-quality transformers and providing excellent customer service.In terms of customer service, a reliable supplier will not only assist with the purchase but also offer support with installation, maintenance, and repair. The distribution transformer factory should have knowledgeable staff who can address any inquiries or concerns that customers may have. Therefore, the reliability and durability of distribution transformers significantly depend on the quality of materials and construction process used in their manufacturing. As one of the leading oil immersed distribution transformer suppliers in China, we provide high-quality distribution transformer for sale.

Applications of Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformers play a crucial role in electrical power distribution systems. They are responsible for stepping down the voltage levels from the transmission system to the distribution levels that are suitable for consumer use. Here are some common applications of distribution transformers:

1.Power Distribution: The primary application of distribution transformers is to distribute electrical power to residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They receive high-voltage electricity from the transmission lines and step it down to lower voltages suitable for local distribution.

2.Residential Areas: Distribution transformers are used to supply electricity to residential areas. They step down the voltage from the distribution level (typically 11 kV or 33 kV) to the standard household voltage of 230/400 volts, depending on the country.

3.Commercial and Industrial Areas: Distribution transformers are also used in commercial and industrial areas to supply power to commercial buildings, factories, offices, and other facilities. These transformers may be larger in size and have higher voltage ratings to meet the higher power demands of such areas.

4.Rural Electrification: Distribution transformers play a crucial role in rural electrification projects. They are used to step down high-voltage electricity from the transmission system and provide electricity to remote villages and rural areas, where low-voltage distribution lines are more feasible.

5.Underground Distribution Systems: In urban areas, where overhead power lines may not be desirable, distribution transformers are used in underground distribution systems. They are placed in underground vaults or substations to supply power to buildings and facilities in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner.

6.Renewable Energy Integration: With the increasing integration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, distribution transformers are used to connect these decentralized energy sources to the grid. They help step up or step down the voltage levels as per the grid requirements.

7.Network Transformers: Distribution transformers are often used in network systems, where multiple transformers are interconnected to provide redundancy and improve the reliability of power supply. These transformers can automatically reconfigure the network in case of a fault or outage, ensuring uninterrupted power to consumers.

8.Voltage Regulation: Distribution transformers are equipped with tap changers that allow voltage adjustments to compensate for voltage variations and maintain a stable voltage level within acceptable limits. This helps to ensure consistent power supply and protect electrical equipment.

Overall, distribution transformers are essential components of electrical power distribution systems. As a reputable distribution transformer manufacturer, we provide high-quality distribution transformer for sale that meet industry standards and enable the efficient and reliable supply of electricity to consumers in various settings, ranging from residential areas to industrial complexes.

Installation of Distribution Transformer

1. Foundation Preparation: A solid and stable foundation is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of a distribution transformer. The foundation should be designed to support the weight of the transformer, withstand wind and seismic loads, and prevent moisture ingress. The foundation must also be constructed to meet the manufacturer's specifications and local codes and regulations.

2. Delivery and Placement: Once the site and foundation are prepared, the distribution transformer should be delivered to the site and placed on the foundation. The transformer must be positioned and leveled correctly to ensure proper operation.

3. Connection and Wiring: The transformer should be connected to the overhead or underground distribution lines using suitable connectors, insulators, and cables. The wiring should be done as per the manufacturer's recommendations and local codes and regulations. The installation of the grounding system is equally important to ensure the safety of personnel and protection of equipment.

4. Testing and Commissioning: After the installation of the transformer and wiring, a series of tests should be conducted to verify that the transformer is correctly functioning. This includes testing the transformer insulation resistance, voltage ratio, impedance, and load losses. Once the tests are successfully completed, the transformer should be commissioned and put into service.

When selecting oil immersed distribution transformer suppliers or power distribution transformer manufacturers or looking for distribution transformer for sale, it is crucial to consider factors such as quality, reliability, and customer support. A reputable supplier or manufacturer should provide high-quality transformers that meet industry standards, with a range of options and customization features. They should also provide excellent customer service, including installation, technical support, and maintenance services, to ensure reliable and efficient operation of the distribution transformer.

Why choose SEC's distribution transformer?

Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co., Ltd. (SEC) is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of large and medium-sized transformers, compact transformers, low-voltage and high-voltage distribution cabinets, dry-type power transformers, and vacuum oil purification equipment. With rich manufacturing expertise and advanced production capabilities, our company has been in operation for 86 years and occupies nearly 80,000 square meters of factory space. We employ over 500 staff, including 160 technical personnel, among which there are 17 senior engineers and 45 engineers. Our workforce is highly skilled, with approximately 80% of our staff being professional and skilled workers. Our technical team has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of transformer products.

As transformer manufacturing has evolved along with the development of products like 110kV and 220kV transformers, we have established specialized design teams. Here, we have established a series of comprehensive and open systems. Our main products include various types of electrical transformers with a maximum rated voltage of 220kV, such as rectifier transformers, electric furnace transformers, reactors, and other specialty transformers. We also produce 35kV and 10kV European-style and American-style residential compact substations, as well as various transformers, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, and more. Our total production capacity includes the annual production of 10,000,000KVA transformers, 20 mobile substations, and 3,000,000KVA dry-type power transformers.

SEC's products are widely exported to countries such as Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran, Syria, the Arab states, Australia, Russia, and others, enjoying a high reputation both domestically and internationally. We have gained recognition from numerous partners. When you choose SEC's products, you are choosing a sincere and reliable partner. We offer top-quality products, competitive prices, satisfactory services, strict product quality control, and comprehensive acceptance testing. Our transformer manufacturing adheres to globally recognized standards such as IEC and ANSI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between copper and aluminum windings?

Windings consist of current-carrying conductors wound on the magnetic core and require appropriate insulation, support, and cooling to withstand operational and testing conditions. Power transformers primarily use copper and aluminum as conductive materials. While aluminum is lighter and often more cost-effective than copper, larger cross-sectional area aluminum conductors are required to match the performance of copper. Copper possesses higher mechanical strength and is used for all size ranges except the smallest, where aluminum conductors may be suitable. Transformers with aluminum windings are often larger than those with equivalent copper windings.

What does our supply range cover?

We offer distribution transformers up to 5000KVA at 35KV, power transformers up to 200 MVA at 230KV, dry-type transformers up to 10 MVA at 35KV, as well as specialty transformers such as rectifiers and electric furnace transformers.

What services can we provide?

In the product development process, we understand consumer needs, adhere to manufacturing standards, employ automation, ensure precise assembly, and deliver stable, high-quality products while offering competitive prices and on-time delivery. We uphold the principles of "integrity, innovation, leadership, and win-win," consistently pursuing a strategy of technical integration, independent research and development, and cooperative development, earning recognition and praise from numerous customers. Our services encompass design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, and after-sales support.

Can customers visit our company?

We warmly welcome partners from around the world to visit our company and embark on a journey of cooperation.

Features of Distribution Transformer for Sale

1. Energy conservation

Low losses.

2. Core

The multistage step lapped core shall be cut with a 45°joint seam, and pore-free binding construction, which reduces the noise as well as power consumption.

3. Winding

All windings are wound on an insulating cylinder of high strength. A special wire tensioner is adopted as well as the climbing pads under the wire transposition improve mechanical strength and short circuit resisting capability considerably.

4. Insulation

Assembling and winding of power and distribution transformer are both finished in fully enclosed cleaning shop. This procedure meets the requirements on cleanness and constant temperature of core and winding assembly for the manufacturing of 500kV products, further ensuring the cleanness and dryness of the core and winding assembly. Kerosene gas-state drying device is used as well for optimizing cleaning of electrical distribution transformer.

5. Tank

Oil tank is in bell-shaped construction. The sealing parts of the oil tank is subject to special treatment the tank body has experienced shot-peened that thoroughly eliminates oxide skin on the surface and sharp angles, burrs, and weld slag created by processing.

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