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Photovoltaic Box Type Booster Station

This is the best integrative solution to the megawatt-class photovoltaic power station. The system consists of 2 units of high-efficient PV inverters, one unit of mid-voltage transformer (step up transformer), AC power, DC power, monitoring communications, and other mobile devices integrated in a mobile house, thereby our compact transformer substation manufacturer enhancing the system security as well as reliability, convenient to transport and installation, improving system efficiency and power output as well.

Photovoltaic Transformer Features

  • Adjustable reactive power, power factor ranging from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging.

  • Multilanguage touchable control monitoring screen.

  • One-stop Solution for MW class solar photovoltaic power station.

  • Steel enclosure or environment friendly material enclosure.

  • Perfect protection and friendly monitoring and control interface.

  • Environmental monitoring device shall be mounted.

  • Two inverters share a high efficiency isolation transformer, which will enhance the efficiency of the system.

  • AJuiliary electrical heating(optional).

  • Adaptable to<6000m ( exceeding 3000m with drop in eficiency ).

  • Low-voltage ride through capbility, Adjustable reactive power, Continuously adjustable active.

Safety of Photovoltaic Box Type Booster Station

1. Perfect protection of power transformer from china: over voltage protection, short circuit protection, Islanding protection, over heating protection, over-load protection, lightning protection, DC earthing protection.

2. Standard: EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN50178 RD1 663/2000.

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