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Prefabricated Substations

Prefabricated substations, also known as European type substations. As a professional compact transformer substation manufacturer, our mobile substation for sale includes HV switch, distribution transformer and LV distribution equipment and base on a wiring diagram to put them into one indoor or outdoor compact power distribution equipment. Contact us to get more information of prefabricated transformer substation!

Features of Prefabricated Substations

ZBW1 series compact transformer features are compact structure, safe and reliable operation, safe convenient maintenance, attractive appearance, high mobility and small size. It can be used as loop network power distribution system or double-power radiating terminal power in distribution system.

This mobile substation for sale is a new set of equipment for urban & rural transformer substation construction and renovation. 

Application of Prefabricated Substations

Combined power distribution station is the power transformer china distribution equipment combining high voltage transformer and low voltage equipment. The prefabricated transformer substation can be used for high-rise, urban & rural buildings, resistance communities, medium & small factories, mines, oil fields and temporary electrical power consuming sites. The station function is either receiving or distributing in power distribution system. A mobile substation for sale provides a convenient, flexible, and cost-effective solution for your power distribution needs.

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