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Resin Insulated Dry Type Transformer

The cast resin type transformer is one of Hanzhong dry transformer types that is a popular choice for application in commercial, industrial and residential sites. Dry cast resin transformers of 35kV and below are insulated with epoxy resin. The features of cast resin dry type transformer are low loss, low noise, low partial discharge, flame retardant, reliability, etc. And we also offers amorphous alloy dry type transformer at a good price which is another kind of dry type transformer. Contact us for more information! 

Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer Characteristics

  • Sound craftsmanship, non-flammable, unpolluted, which can be installed in the loading centre. Non-maintenance, easy for installation, low-cost operation.

  • Moisture-proof, the dry type transformer types can operate in the work condition with 100% humidity temperature and re-operation without drying.

  • Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, low temperature rise, with 150% overload under the condition of ONAF.

  • Fitting out with a complete temperature protective control system for reliable dry type cast resin operation.

  • As one of the professional chinese transformer manufacturers, our high reliability dry type cast resin transformer achieved the international advanced standard.

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