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Wind Power Box Type Booster Station

ZGS-ZF- -/35 combined transformer station includes step up transformer, high voltage current- limiting fuse, load switch and LV switch and corresponding axiliary device. Wind power box type bootster station generates electricity 0.69kV wind turbine voltage increasing to 35kV, transmitting the 35kV voltage by the cable, which is ideal for wind power generation system. Contact our box type substation supplier now!

Benefits of Wind Power Box Type Booster Station

Rich and Reasonable Layout

Photovoltaic, wind power box type booster station, the system layout is reasonable, compact, including low-voltage inlet cabinet, transformer in wind turbine and high-voltage outlet cabinet three parts, respectively installed in three separate rooms, "eye" font or "L" font layout, function is perfect, easy to maintain; Telecontrol devices and power transformers are installed in the low-voltage room to realize telecontrol control of box transformer and self-supply of box transformer, so as to meet the requirements of photovoltaic and wind power generation systems.

High Safety

When the transformer radiator is installed in an open type, it realizes the completely natural ventilation cooling performance, saves a lot of power loss caused by forced ventilation, and eliminates the defect that the fan performance brought by forced ventilation is unreliable and easy to overtemperature tripping. In addition, the charged body is completely sealed in the box transformer to solve the dust protection problem. "Five prevention" function is complete, operation and maintenance is convenient, according to the need to meet the requirements of maintenance and repair in rainy days.

Small Space

The high voltage load switch is installed in the transformer oil tank, and the box transformer is arranged in the shape of "L" and "eye". The low voltage room is equipped with telecontrol device and power transformer to realize the telecontrol control of the box transformer and the box transformer self-supply. Because there is no transformer room, the machine occupies a relatively small area, the machine cost is lower, and the user investment is reduced.

Easy to Replace

"目" font layout, low voltage room set up remote devices and our chinese transformer, realize the remote control of box transformer and box transformer power supply. The isolation knife of 35kV high voltage switch is placed in a separate room with the fuse assembly, which solves the problem that the entire circuit needs to be cut off when the fuse or arc extinguisher is replaced by the general switch.

Features of Wind Power Box Type Booster Station

  • Sealed, safe and reliable, adopting the latest S9/35kV series technology, reasonable structure, high relibility.

  • Small size, compact structure, the volume is 1/3 of the ordinary of preinstalled substation, which reduce the footprint.

  • Strong ability of overload.

  • Special process, two operations of paint treatment, as well as good corrosion resistance, can prevent the erosion efectively.

  • High ignition point insulation oil can be offered as per the requirement to eliminate fire hazards.

Parameter of Wind Power Box Type Booster Station

  • Voltage

rated high voltage: 35kV, 36.75kV, 38.5kV

rated low voltage: 0.69kV, 0.62KV

  • Rated frequency: 50Hz

  • Rated insulation level

High voltage side(transformer): power frequency withstand voltage: 85Kv

lightning withstand voltage: 200kV (full wave peak)

Low voltage side(transformer): power frequency withstand voltage: 5kV

  • Phase: three phase

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