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How to Judge the Quality of Dry-type Transformer?

No matter what we buy, we want to buy cost-effective dry-type transformer types .This interest immediately jeopardizes electrical safety.For this reason, it is particularly important to choose products with high cost performance, good performance and high safety factor (expensive).

Even if the price is a bit more expensive, the important thing is safety.But what are the advantages of dry-type transformer types ?

Low noise, environmental protection, energy saving.Low-loss iron core, stacked transformer core joints, foil winding structure, scientific noise research, environmental protection regulations, new materials, new technologies, new technology applications, computer reliability design, its development trend is the future dry-type transformer environmental protection, The steady development of energy conservation can be promoted.

For electrical products, especially dry-type transformer types, operational reliability is very important, and the relationship between reliability and electrical safety cannot be ignored.

The verification of environmental protection characteristics must attach great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection.In the case of dry-type transformer types, gas-phase dry-type transformer types (C 0, C 1, C 2), environmental protection type (E 0, E 1, E 2), fireproof material characteristics and Scientific studies of resistance correction nuclei (F 0, F 1, F 2).

Dry-type transformer Types are mainly used in large, medium and small load management centers.It is a residential area in a big city, a mine in a factory, etc.As the charge in big cities increases, the capacity of dry-type transformer types is also increasing.Therefore, when choosing a dry-type transformer, the size of the volume must be fully considered.

The Working Environment of Dry-type Transformer Types

Dry-type transformer is an important type of transformer.It can work without transformer oil, and the use of dry-type transformer has greatly improved the work efficiency, which has brought great convenience to our production and life..

However, dry-type transformer types require certain environmental conditions, and only when the environment is suitable can dry-type transformer types run smoothly.

Firstly, the air temperature should be between 0-40(°C), and the relative humidity should be <70%; secondly, if it is used on a mountain, the altitude should not exceed 2500 meters; thirdly, it is necessary to avoid rain, moisture, high temperature, high heat or direct sunlight.

There should be a distance of not less than 40cm between the heat dissipation vents of the dry-type transformer and surrounding objects; Fourth, prevent working in places with a lot of corrosive liquid or gas, dust, conductive fibers or metal shavings;

Fifth, prevent working in vibration or electromagnetic interference places; sixth, avoid long-term upside-down storage and transportation, and cannot be subject to strong impact.

The operating environment and operation of dry-type transformer types need to be mastered by us, so that the performance and efficiency of dry-type transformer types can be continuously brought into play. For dry-type transformer types, the efficiency must be continuously improved, making dry-type transformer types become Our helper in production and life!

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