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During the use of oil-immersed transformer, various failures will generally occur. If the sound of the oil-immersed transformer fails, it will be characterized by chaotic and loud noise and noise, among other things.

Generally speaking, when the sound of an oil-immersed transformer is abnormal, several operations should be carried out, such as finding out the cause of the abnormal sound and how to process it. The oil-immersed transformer factory will introduce these two issues below.

What are the reasons for abnormal sound in oil-immersed transformer?

The abnormal sound of oil-immersed transformers is generally caused by the following reasons:

  • When starting large-capacity power equipment, the load current is large, which makes the sound of the oil-immersed transformer louder.

  • When the oil-immersed transformer is overloaded, it emits high and heavy buzzing sounds.

  • When the system shorts or is grounded, the oil immersed type transformer will produce a lot of noise through a large short-circuit current.

  • If the oil-immersed transformer is equipped with controllable silicon rectifiers or arc furnaces and other equipment, the sound of the oil-immersed transformer will also increase due to the production of high-order harmonics.

How to deal with the abnormal sound of oil-immersed transformer?

First of all, determine the cause and then deal with it differently:

  • When the oil-immersed transformer suddenly makes an abnormal sound inside but quickly disappears, it is caused by the startup of large-capacity power equipment or external short-circuit accidents, and detailed inspection of the oil-immersed transformer and external system is only necessary.

  • When the oil-immersed transformer continuously makes abnormal sounds inside, the relevant leaders should be notified, and the number of inspection times or special personnel monitoring should be increased. If the noise of the oil-immersed transformer increases, the fault oil-immersed transformer should be shut down with approval for internal inspection.

  • When there is strong noise or discharge and explosion in the oil-immersed transformer, the relevant leaders should be reported immediately, and the standby oil-immersed transformer should be quickly put into use or the operating mode should be changed, and the failed oil-immersed transformer should be shut down.

When the sound of the oil-immersed transformer is abnormal, the cause should be found and treated accordingly. In this way, various symptoms and accidents of the oil-immersed transformer will be greatly reduced, and the oil-immersed transformer china can achieve better results.

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