Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co., ltd

Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co., Ltd. is honored to have successfully produced one unit of the split transformer SFFZ-60000-20-6.9-6.9 for ENGIE's RED DRAGON/PIEM project in Chile, and the equipment has passed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) smoothly.




This project marks a new milestone in our close collaboration with ENGIE. As a global leader in the energy sector, ENGIE has always been committed to promoting the development of clean energy technologies, and the RED DRAGON/PIEM project is one of their important initiatives in Chile.


Our company played a crucial role in this project, and we take pride in being able to provide high-quality split transformers for this strategically significant project. Our professional team has carefully designed and manufactured these transformers to ensure excellent performance and reliability.




Throughout the production process, our team actively cooperated with ENGIE to meet their requirements for delivery time and technical standards. Our partner, ENGIE, appreciates our outstanding achievements and highly praises our professional performance in the project.


Thank you for your attention and support to Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co., Ltd. We look forward to witnessing the success of more important projects together with you!


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