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I. The performance characteristics of rectiformer

1. The stable electrical performance of rectiformer

Combined with load characteristics and power grid voltage fluctuation, and atmospheric overvoltage situation, the product can determine a reasonable and reliable insulation level and insulation model according to the load condition of the rectiformer. It fully ensure the reliable and stable electrical performance of products. The product environmental safety factor is greater than or equal to 1.67.

2. High dynamic stability

With the high mechanical strength and strong anti-burst ability of the windings, the product can meet extremely harsh load environment. In the process of design and manufacture, the unstable dynamic source caused by magnetic leakage of the transformer or possibly caused by abnormal transportation is eliminated.

The product has high dynamic stability. The impedance of the rectiformer is 30% higher than that of the power transformer with the same capacity, so it can suppress DI/DT better and effectively protect the rectifier element.

3. Good thermal stability

Advanced product design strictly controls the heating part of the product and the temperature rise at the hottest point. The coil and lead are copper wire, and the current density is lower.

4. Strong overload capacity

This China transformer has a strong over-load and over-voltage capacity. The load characteristics are fully considered in the product design and manufacturing. The product can meet the overload requirements from the temperature rise, insulation performance, accessories selection, etc.

5. Obvious power saving effect, low noise (<65dB).

6. Simple structure and beautiful appearance.

II. The functions of rectiformer

1. Supply the rectifier system with the appropriate voltage

2. Reduce power grid pollution due to waveform distortion of rectifier systems,and check whether the voltage ratio of each tap position is consistent with the nameplate; measure the DC resistance of the winding at each taping position;

Measure the polarity of the winding and the connection symbol; test the insulation conditions of high voltage to ground, low voltage to ground and high voltage to ground with 2500 V tramegger.

Remove the iron core grounding lug, and test the insulation condition of the iron core with 2500 V tramegger. After meeting the requirements, install the grounding lug and check whether the iron core is well grounded (the iron core can only be grounded at one point);

Take power-frequency voltage-withstand test. The rectiformer can pass the power-frequency voltage-withstand test if the rectiformer capacity is below 800 KVA. If the capacity is 800KVA and above, apply the power frequency voltage when conditions permit according to GB50150-90 standard requirements.

III. The internal structure characteristics of rectiformer

The core of the rectiformer adopts cold rolled silicon steel sheet. In larger transformers, the core plate adopts full oblique joint to reduce no-load loss. The whole structure of iron core adopts the imported advanced technology.

Grid side coils are mostly continuous structures, and voltage regulating coils often adopt layer structures. The valve side coils of rectiformers are generally double pancake structure.

Because the electric field and the impact characteristics of the coil are calculated by computer, the structure of the coil has excellent electrical characteristics and impact strength.

In large rectiformers, the fuel tanks adopt folding plate structure to beautify the appearance, and greatly improve the mechanical strength of the fuel tank.

The valve side outlet includes box top outlet and box wall outlet, which is convenient for the connection with the rectiformer. The outlet terminal of the rectiformer valve side is made of low-voltage conductive rod with epoxy casting molding, which makes the transformer appearance beautiful and compact.

The transformer is equipped with various thermometers, gas relays, pressure relievers, transformers and other protective devices. Diaphragm type oil conservators are used for high voltage products to ensure the safe and reliable operation of transformers.

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